Sunday, December 7, 2008

Look what Friday's mail brought me!

Friday, I went to the mailbox and saw I had a package. I eagerly headed inside to tear that baby open!

What was inside?

A box! Oh wow, a box all to myself? I've always..ooh, there's something inside.

Gasp! And they're so pretty too. :)

Wainbowmudd makes such high quality hair clippies! I've been wearing mine since I got them on Friday. Ok, I take them off to go to bed, but you get the point. They are so perfect for me because I have gotten in the habit of wearing clips ever since I decided I would look AWESOME with bangs..but didn't look so hot.

I love them so much. The biggest thing I've noticed is that they're easy to get even if they're at the bottom of my purse. Try that with plain ol' bobby pins. It's not going to happen! These are so strong and could probably hold my bangs back through a hurricane.

Run, don't walk to Wainbowmudd 's shop to buy some of these!


Laura said...

Oh my goodness! Great!!! I'm so glad you like them yay! Great blog! Woo! It was a bit of a shock to see a blog with a picture of stuff how neat! Congrats again!

Anonymous said...

Awee! How sweet is this? Look I made that birdie business card! Heehee.

Scarfmonsters said...

Your packaging and the pins were just too cute to NOT blog about. :)

And GretchenM90, that card is so cute!

Tiny Penguin Shop said...

Wainbow has some seriously ADORABLE stuff in her shop!
I love love love her packaging!

BBB said...

Wow Great packaging Wainbow! You are making me rethink my little boutique bags lol. I want stickers lol!

Erin Tales said...

Your scarves were buzzed at Ohana Mama by the Mom Buzz!


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