Saturday, December 6, 2008


I added some banners for some very talented Etsians today. You can find them in the right side column, as you're scrolling down. I found these lovely folks by making a post in the forum regarding free promo. :) If you are a blog reader and you have a 100x100 banner, I'd be glad to list you also! I want to keep under 16 on the side, so it's not too overwhelming. (It was initially going to be 8, but I just can't say no!)

I also woke up to a *possible* custom order, so my day has just taken an upward turn.


randomcreative said...

Thank you so much for the promo! I will mention it in my next post in my own blog.

Kreated by Kelly said...

Thanks so much for the promo!!! I am going to blog about it too -- tomorrow. I love your shop ..... I was thinking, "I wish I had a little one to buy for." and then I realized, "hah, you are basically like a little one and if you like it, buy it silly." *grins* Thanks again!


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