Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hey guys :)

Hey guys :)

So, I just wanted to update to say I will no longer be selling on Etsy as "scarfmonsters". I'm probably just really mad right now but I don't think I will ever be returning to Etsy.

As you may have noticed, I was gone from January-March. I had just moved and was attending to other personal matters. In that time I had forgotten that I had an outstanding Etsy bill.

When I came back, I saw the frowny face and went to pay. It wouldn't let me, so I contacted Support. What I received back TODAY shocked me as I thought Etsy employees would be more professional than that. It wasn't a "pay now" message, because believe me, I had communicated that I wanted to pay. Also, even if it were, my skin is thick.

No, what I received back was *so rude*. I can't post a copy here but basically, it upset me enough to reply that I no longer wish to use Etsy as a venue. I paid my bill and asked them to remove my shops. I will not put money in the pockets of people with such disdain for their shop owners.

So thank you, for all the support and times, Etsy friends :)


Nature Manipulated said...

I am sorry to hear that. I am slowly moving my items to Artfire. It has a monthly fee but seems friendlier and is a growing site.

If not the admin, I'm sure the Etsy community will miss you and your shop.

Nature Manipulated

Flor Larios Art said...

I am sorry to hear that. I only sell thru Ebay and Etsy...but Etsy is too slow...I am thinking I should check artfire...


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